Bugeja to Have Work Published, Attend Research Summit

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Professor Michael Bugeja published a widely-distributed article titled “Evaluating Professionals in Academe” in Inside Higher Ed. He also reviewed a manuscript for the Journal of Mass Media Ethics.

Bugeja has a brief chapter about the Iowa caucus in The 21stCentury Voter, edited by his former Ohio University colleague Guido H. Stempel and past Scripps News Service colleague Thomas K. Hargrove.

Bugeja also will participate in the “Research Summit in the Arts and Humanities,” hosted Jan. 21 by the Center for Excellence in Arts and Humanities. He submitted a successful proposal for the March 3 Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity, “Creating and Publicizing a Diversity Plan” (with [Raluca Cozma](), [Tracy Lucht](/directory/tracy-lucht/) and [Jason Wiegand]()). Bugeja will moderate a panel on “Art, Design, and Humanities Perspectives in Big Data and Data Science.” Among the participants will be Assistant Professor Su Jung Kim who will discuss her big-data research using audience analytics and marketing communication.

Bugeja will give a short address at the Iowa Newspaper Association convention awards ceremony on Feb. 5 in the Downtown Marriott Hotel. He was named a finalist in the 2016 Administrator of the Year Award by the Scripps Howard Foundation. He is up for election for a seat on the Accrediting Council. The award and election results will be announced later in the Spring semester.