Greenlee Re-Accreditation Bid Unanimously Affirmed

From left: Alyssa Rutt, program coordinator, Michael Dahlstrom, associate professor, Joel Geske, associate director, Michael Bugeja, director, and Daniela Dimitrova, professor.

CHICAGO—Iowa State’s Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication’s re-accreditation bid was affirmed unanimously by the Accrediting Committee of the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications.

This is the second phase of the re-accreditation process. Last year the ACEJMC site team, led by Peter Bhatia, editor of the Cincinnati Enquirer, found the School in compliance of the nine standards required for re-accreditation.

The Accrediting Committee, which rigorously tests the site-team observations, affirms or rejects the recommendation by the site team. The Committee affirmed the Greenlee School for re-accreditation on a 16-0 vote. Now, for re-accreditation to be official, the School’s application goes to the Accrediting Council, which will meet in Chicago May 7 and 8. At that time re-accreditation will be official.