Anna Curtis

Advertising/Public Relations Peer Mentor


Anna Curtis is a senior in public relations with a minor in sociology. Before coming to Iowa State, she attended a year of community college to finish up the majority of her general education requirements. During her time at community college, she was the arts and entertainment editor and the feature editor for the student newspaper.

After graduating from community college, she worked as a freelance writer for a summer in her hometown in rural Iowa. After burning out as a freelance writer, Anna changed her major to public relations before transferring and hasn't looked back. Anna loves copy editing articles, traveling and documenting the world around her through pictures. During her time at Greenlee, she worked as the marketing and public relations intern for Volunteer Iowa and joined AWC. She plans to work in a PR agency as a public relations specialist and attend graduate school part-time after she graduates in August. Feel free to reach out to Anna to learn more about her experience as a transfer student, classes, student organizations, her favorite travel destinations and when the lighting is the best for your Instagram shots around Central Campus.