Chelsea Adams


Dept:Engineering-LAS Online Learning
533 Morrill Rd
Ames IA


Areas of interest: virtual reality, advertising, communications, interpersonal relationship development

Hobbies: hiking, spending time with my dog, watching movies and documentaries

#WhyGreenlee: Before choosing which graduate program to attend, I had visited Greenlee and met with Daniela who told me about the program. I had asked her about the type of atmosphere Greenlee had, and from the way she explained it, I could tell Greenlee was a really supportive community and almost like a little family. That type of community was what I was looking for and ultimately what convinced me to choose to attend graduate school here. And, of course, the types of classes offered, the flexibility to choose what exactly I want to study and do as a creative component, the diversity among students and faculty, and many other reasons helped me decide to choose Greenlee.