Chelsea Davis

Education: B.S., Journalism and Mass Communication, Iowa State University, 2011


After several years working as a reporter for newspapers in Iowa and the Pacific Northwest, I returned to Iowa State to work as a communications specialist for ISU News Service and to begin my master’s program. My plan is to graduate in December 2021.


Hometown: Ames, Iowa

Research/Professional Areas of Interest: Intersections of gender and violence in news media; historical perspectives on gender and media; framing; feminist media theory.

Hobbies: Outside of work and school, I enjoy playing trivia with friends, watching stand-up comedy and listening to music and podcasts. I love reading books with strong female characters and stories centered around families and their complexities.

#WhyGreenlee: I received my bachelor’s degree in journalism from Greenlee in 2011. While I had always bounced around the idea of pursuing a master’s degree, it wasn’t until I returned to Iowa State years later and spoke to professor Daniela Dimitrova that I decided to make that leap. I’m excited by the opportunity to create a program of study that molds perfectly to my interests. And I’m grateful for the Greenlee faculty who clearly want to see us succeed, evident in their attention to and constructive criticism of our work.