Dara Wald


Dept:Greenlee School Journalism/Communication
Office:214 Hamilton
613 Wallace Rd.
Ames IA
Office Hours:W: 11 a.m.-noon or by appointment in 214 Hamilton Hall or Zoom. Students can make appointments via email.
Website: https://faculty.sites.iastate.edu/dwald/

Topics of interest: environmental communication, risk communication, science communication

Education: Ph.D., University of Florida, 2012, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Certificate in Environmental Education and Communication,
M.S., University of Florida, 2008, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Certificate in Tropical Conservation and Development,
B.A., Brandeis University, 2004, Biology


Dr. Dara Wald's research is in environmental communication, focusing on the causes and consequences of public debate over the management of natural resources. Dr. Wald's research has been published in leading journals in the field of sustainability and funded by the National Science Foundation, the Morris Animal Foundation and the USDA. One broad stream of her scholarship focuses on how contextual and psychological factors (e.g., emotions, values, risk perceptions, trust and power) drive policy resistance and socio-political conflict over environmental management. The second stream of Dr. Wald's work focuses on public engagement and communication to promote effective and sustainable decision making and collaborative governance over land, wildlife and water.

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