499A Required Internship

What is ADVRT/JL MC/ P R 499A?

ADVRT / JL MC / P R 499A is a three-credit, 400-hour internship in advertising, journalism and mass communication or public relations required for all majors in the Greenlee School. It is different than many other courses in that learning takes place in a professional media environment instead of the traditional classroom. 499A allows you to gain professional media experience while being mentored and evaluated by both media professionals and your faculty adviser. It is available only to Greenlee majors and offered on a satisfactory-fail basis.

Prerequisites for 499A

To earn credit for 499A, students must have fulfilled the following requirements:

  • All students must have passed JL MC 110 and successfully completed JL MC 201 with a C+ or better
  • All students must be classified as juniors or seniors
  • ADVRT majors must have successfully completed ADVRT 301 with a C+ or better
  • JL MC majors must have successfully completed JL MC 302, JL MC 303 or P R 321 with a C+ or better
  • P R majors must have passed P R 301 and successfully completed P R 321 with a C+ or better

499A Internship Syllabus

In the 499A Internship Syllabus packet you will find the 499 syllabus, information about the approval process and the 499A Pre-Approval Form. This packet also includes information about the internship final paper and portfolio requirements.

499A Internship Syllabus

499A Proposal Worksheet

The 499A Proposal Worksheet is designed to help you collect the information needed to complete your internship proposal before you have access to the Internship Web System (IWS). This worksheet can be used as a guide when you meet with your proposed internship supervisor to discuss your internship requirements. You'll input the information into IWS.

499A Proposal Worksheet

What should I do to prepare for my internship and when should I start looking?

Preparing for your internship should begin the moment you step on campus. The Greenlee School provides a number of resources to help, but you are responsible for finding your 499A internship. Here are some steps you can take now to help you land your internship:

  1. When do you want to complete your internship? Use your four-year plan to make sure you are on track to complete 499A prerequisites.
  2. Collect work samples from courses, student media, clubs and organizations. Search for work opportunities that could contribute to your portfolio.
  3. Attend workshops to prepare for your internship and Greenlee School events and internship fairs to network with alumni and professionals.
  4. What type of professional experience do you want to have? Where do you want to work? Think of specifics (location of internship, living arrangements and cost), and look for contacts within organizations. Keep track of companies you’re interested in, including contact information, a list of required application materials and application deadlines for each organization.
  5. Meet with your faculty adviser to discuss 499 opportunities.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Consult with the Office of Student Financial Aid to explore the financial aid options available to you while enrolled in 499A.

The Greenlee School offers 499A scholarships annually in the spring to help offset costs of summer internships. Visit our scholarships page for more information.

What is ADVRT/JL MC/ P R 499B?

ADVRT/JL MC/ P R 499B is an optional course that allows a Greenlee major to earn 1 to 3 credits based on the number of hours worked at an internship in the student's specialization. It is offered on a satisfactory-fail basis only. Contact your faculty adviser to find out if your internship qualifies. Note: This course is not a replacement for 499A and is not tracked through IWS.


Make an appointment with your faculty adviser or contact the Greenlee School to set up an appointment with our internship coordinator, Juli Probasco-Sowers, (515) 294-4342.