Resources for Employers

Internship Supervisor Guide

Employers can learn more about the Greenlee School's internship program in our Internship Supervisor Guide (updated January 2016).

Guidelines for ADVRT/ JL MC / P R 499A Internships

Internships must meet the following criteria to be considered for a Greenlee student’s 499A:

  • A minimum of 400 hours of work.
  • Duties aligned with the tasks of advertising, journalism and mass communication, or public relations.
  • A supervisor with:
    • Employment at the organization where the student is completing the internship.
    • An education and/or significant professional experience in the students’ area of study or a closely-related field.
    • The ability to work on-site with the intern.
    • No relation to the student completing the internship.
  • Employer must provide all necessary resources for the intern to complete the internship (work space, equipment, software, etc.)
  • Internship must provide an opportunity for the student to build a professional portfolio of their work.
  • Students may not work from home or for an Iowa State student organization.

Unpaid Internships

The Greenlee School strongly encourages employers to pay interns. If your organization must provide an unpaid internship, please be aware that it must meet strict guidelines set forth by The Fair Labor Standards Act. Information about these guidelines can be found on the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division website.

Looking for an Intern?

  • The Greenlee School hosts a semi-annual Jump-Start Internship and Networking Fair. We do not charge employers to participate in this boutique-style fair. This is your company’s opportunity to meet with Greenlee students who are looking to gain professional work experience.

  • Iowa State University operates an electronic job board called CyHire. EEO policy requires that all professional employment opportunities (internships and full-time) made available to our students be posted in the system. This ensures that all students have an opportunity to learn about the position and apply if they are qualified. Once posted in CyHire, employers are free to work with faculty, student organizations or our internship coordinator to further spread the word about the employment opportunity. Please review the Policy & Principles from Iowa State University Career Services.

On-Campus Interviewing

The Greenlee School coordinates on-campus interviews for employers wanting to interview our students for internships or jobs. If you would like to discuss on-campus interviewing, please contact the Greenlee School's internship coordinator, Juli Probasco-Sowers at 515-294-9957 or