Greenlee School now serves over 900 undergraduates


Official 10th day figures put Iowa State’s Greenlee School enrollment at 836, with an additional 82 students minoring in advertising and journalism and mass communication.

Despite its high enrollment, Greenlee skills classes (writing, reporting, editing, production, etc.) feature 20 or fewer students in a high-tech facility in Hamilton Hall. All professors advise students in addition to academic advisers and an internship coordinator.

Here is the breakdown for majors:

  • Advertising: 231 (216 primary, 15 secondary)
  • Journalism 332 (306 primary, 26 secondary)
  • Public Relations 273 (242 primary, 31 secondary)

In addition, 53 students are minoring in advertising and 29 in journalism and mass communication.

The public relations minor was approved last semester and so has no official minors at this time. However, the PR minor is likely to attract dozens more students in Fall 2016, putting total number of students served over 1000.

The Greenlee School is the largest program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with psychology next with 776 majors (688 primary, 88 secondary). Computer Science is third with 520 majors (505 primary, 15 secondary).