Greenlee School to Offer Minor in Public Relations Next Fall


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A proposal for the addition of a public relations minor has been approved by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee and will be included in the 2016-17 university course catalog. The proposal, prepared by Greenlee faculty and staff, adds a third minor to the school’s curriculum. Greenlee currently offers minors in its other two degrees—advertising and journalism and mass communication. Students will be able to declare a minor in PR starting in fall 2016.

The minor in public relations focuses on the theories and methods for building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and its stakeholders, constituencies, audiences and the general public. Key topics of instruction include: public relations theory, public relations writing, research methods, public relations campaign, message/image design, reputation management, media relations; community relations, public affairs, and internal communications.

Michael Bugeja, Greenlee School director, says a PR minor can enhance majors in such disciplines as agriculture, business, agri-business, event management, the fine arts, design and “virtually any other major that deals with the public at large.”

The minor also can be a catalyst to become a Greenlee major in public relations, Bugeja said. “Students unsure of their future profession can sign up for the PR minor and, if the coursework appeals, make the switch to a public relations major or double major.”

The PR degree at Greenlee is one of the most popular in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

However, the public relations minor will not be available to Greenlee students majoring in advertising or journalism. ACEJMC accreditation standards restrict Greenlee majors from declaring a minor or secondary major in any of the school’s other majors.

The addition of the public relations minor comes two years after the public relations degree was first offered, in the fall 2013 semester. As of October 2015, the public relations major has grown to over 260 students.

If you are interested in declaring a minor in the Greenlee School, stop by 101 Hamilton Hall or call our student services office at 515-294-4342.