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Andy J. King receives National Cancer Institute grant to study colon cancer screening messaging

Greenlee Assistant Profesor Andy J. King was awarded a $396,908 grant from the National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute (NCI) to study communication related to colon cancer screening (CRCS). King will lead a team of researchers from Iowa State, Cornell University and New York University to monitor and evaluate public information and communication disparities about CRCS.

Navigating risk communications during a pandemic

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic a year ago, Dara Wald, assistant professor of environmental communication in the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication, had no idea how relevant her course Risk Perceptions and Communication (JLMC 560) would be for the graduate students in her class then and now.

Narratives can help science counter misinformation on vaccines

As public health agencies ramp up efforts to educate people about the COVID-19 vaccines, narratives can be a powerful tool. In a paper published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, ISU’s Michael Dahlstrom examined how narratives or storytelling can help counter misinformation and provide a connection between science and the human experience.