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About the Master’s Program

The Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication master’s program is a 32-credit course of study culminating in a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in journalism and mass communication. Two tracks are available: one for students who desire specialized study in communication theory and research and one for students who wish to develop or strengthen their professional and strategic communication skills.

For more information, view the Graduate Handbook and review the admissions requirements.

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At the Greenlee School, master’s students are …

Immersed …

… in an innovative and intellectually stimulating environment that encourages scholarship and learning. We at Greenlee are dedicated to creating and cultivating an inclusive and culturally diverse setting where students can improve their skill sets and learn from each other. Within the master’s program, you will explore new ideas through a flexible curriculum that can be tailored to your individual interests and program of study. We will challenge your thinking and deepen your expertise to prepare you for a successful future.

Supported …

… by an inclusive and vibrant community that is dedicated to research and excellence in media and communication. You’ll work closely with a faculty that includes Pulitzer Prize winners as well as top scholars in the field. We at Greenlee are committed to providing students with resources, financial support and professional development opportunities on and off campus. We seek to empower and encourage you to reach your goals. Upon finishing the program, you will graduate with an advanced degree from one of the most reputable journalism and mass communication programs in the country.

Uniquely Skilled …

Through an adaptable curriculum and mentorship from world-class faculty, you will be qualified to teach, conduct scholarship and think critically about communication. You will learn to use the latest tools to research media topics and tell the world better stories. Our master’s program is well known for developing practitioners and scholars in science communication, political communication, mass communication theory and technology and social change. You will be prepared to face today’s rapidly changing media environment and contribute to society by becoming a leader in your field of choice.

Learning Goals

Learning goals that students in this program are expected to meet include—

  1. To develop an understanding of the central issues and current research important to the field of journalism and communication.
  2. To be familiar with the breadth and depth of the journalism and communication profession.
  3. To be able to communicate acquired knowledge in the field.
  4. To be aware of ethical issues that pertain to the field of journalism and communication.
  5. To develop the ability to design and present an independent and meaningful research project.

Graduate Minor

Students in other graduate programs may obtain a minor in journalism and mass communication by completing JL MC 501, JL MC 510 and one other graduate course in journalism and mass communication for a total of 9 credits taken within the Greenlee School.

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