Why Greenlee

Why Greenlee

In a world with more media than ever before, you want to cut through the noise. Give voice to the voiceless. Produce content that is both ethical and effective. Spotlight diverse thinking and cultures through powerful storytelling. Develop and maintain trust between organizations and the publics they serve. Crusade for facts, truth and the First Amendment. Engage audiences in a meaningful – and civil – way.

Make these years count. When you create your adventure at the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication at Iowa State University, you’ll develop the skills to do work that matters.

With three majors, dozens of scholarships, a 400-hour professional media internship, prestigious industry partnerships, vibrant student clubs and organizations, and award-winning student media, you’ll learn by doing. Adventure starts now.

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Our student experience blog highlights Greenlee students who are making their years at Iowa State count.

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