Your adventure starts with guidance from an academic adviser. As you progress in your field of study, you’ll transition to a faculty adviser.

Academic Advising

You will be assigned an academic adviser based on the first letter of your last name.

Last names starting with A–J: Jessica Hansen-Moench

Last names starting with K–S: Kelsie Poe

Last names starting with T–Z: Juli Probasco-Sowers

Jessica Hansen-Moench Academic Adviser (last names A-J)
Kelsie Poe Academic Adviser (last names K-S)
Juli Probasco-Sowers Internship Coordinator / Academic Adviser (last names T-Z)


Appointments with assigned academic advisers can be made online through ISU Appointments on AccessPlus. Learn how to schedule advising appointments. Students who need assistance should schedule in 101 Hamilton Hall or by phone at 515-294-4342.

Minor Advising

Students interested in minoring in ADVRT, JL MC or P R should set up an appointment in 101 Hamilton Hall or by phone at 515-294-4342. Questions about minors can be directed to

Faculty Advising

You will be assigned a faculty adviser after passing JL MC 201, Introduction to Reporting and Writing for Mass Media, with a C+ or better. Faculty advisers use their industry expertise to academically advise Greenlee students and assist them in securing internships and jobs. After you receive a passing grade for JL MC 201, you will be contacted with the name of your faculty adviser. You can also find the name of your faculty adviser on AccessPlus. View the Greenlee faculty directory.

Contact your faculty adviser directly to schedule an appointment.

Advising Syllabus

Advising is not a one-sided process. Students are just as much responsible for their academic advising as professional and faculty advisers. The Greenlee Advising Syllabus contains learning outcomes, resources and expectations, and it will guide you through the process of learning through advising. All students will be asked to meet the expectations outlined in the syllabus.

Download the Greenlee Advising Syllabus

Course Registration

All Greenlee School students need a Registration Access Number (RAN) to register for classes. You have to get your RAN from your adviser. How do I register for classes?

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