Advising and Faculty Mentoring

Success From Day One

The Greenlee School supports you with the resources you need to succeed at school and beyond. Majors in advertising, journalism and mass communication, and public relations are assigned both a professional academic advisor and a faculty mentor from their first day at Greenlee.

Academic Advising

Your time at Greenlee starts with guidance from a professional academic advisor who can guide you on course choices, scholarships and financial support issues, and help you progress  through your academic career. You will be assigned an academic advisor based on the first letter of your last name.

Last names starting with A–D: Jessica Hansen-Moench

Last names starting with E–R: Tyler Schoh

Last names starting with S–Z: Madison Akers

Jessica Hansen-Moench Assistant Director Academic Advising [LASAS]
Tyler Schoh Academic Advisor II [LASAS]
Madison Akers Academic Advisor II [LASAS]


Appointments with assigned academic advisors can be made online through Navigate. Learn how to schedule advising appointments using Navigate below. Students who need assistance should schedule in 101 Hamilton Hall or by phone at 515-294-4342.

Minor Advising

Students interested in minoring in ADVRT, JL MC or P R should set up an appointment in 101 Hamilton Hall or by phone at 515-294-4342. Questions about minors can be directed to

Advising Syllabus

Advising is not a one-sided process. Students are just as much responsible for their academic advising as professional and faculty advisers. The Greenlee Advising Syllabus contains learning outcomes, resources and expectations, and it will guide you through the process of learning through advising. All students will be asked to meet the expectations outlined in the syllabus.

Download the Greenlee Advising Syllabus

Course Registration

All Greenlee School students need a Registration Access Number (RAN) to register for classes. You have to get your RAN from your advisor. How do I register for classes?

Greenlee School Degree Planning Forms

Greenlee Course Offerings

See the Iowa State University Schedule of Classes and the Course Catalog for more info on Greenlee course offerings.

Additional Resources

Internship Resources

Academic Resources

Advising Forms

Registration Links

Approved Course Lists

Faculty Mentoring

Your faculty mentor will help link your academic choices with your career aspirations, as well as guide you through the required 499A internship. Your faculty mentor is available to you for professional advice, portfolio and project reviews, and to provide real-world career connections.

You can find your faculty mentor and contact information in Navigate.


Changing your focus? Want to work with a different faculty mentor?

Just ask in the main office: 101 Hamilton Hall.

Meet the Faculty Mentors:

Sherry Berghefer Teaching Professor [GSJC]
Jan Lauren Boyles Associate Professor [GSJC], Associate Director
Michael Bugeja Distinguished Professor [GSJC]
Deni Chamberlin Associate Professor [GSJC]
Maria Charbonneaux Assistant Professor of Practice [GSJC], Meredith Professional in Residence
Michael F. Dahlstrom LAS Dean's Professor [GSJC], Director, Director of Graduate Education (DOGE)
Daniela Dimitrova University Professor [GSJC]
Joel Geske Associate Professor [GSJC]
Beth Haag Assistant Teaching Professor [GSJC]
Gang (Kevin) Han Professor [GSJC]
Tracy Lucht Associate Professor [GSJC]
Jay Newell Professor [GSJC]
Angela Powers Professor [GSJC]
Joanna Schroeder Assistant Teaching Professor [GSJC]
Michael Wigton Teaching Professor [GSJC]
Erin Wilgenbusch Teaching Professor, Director of Undergraduate Education
Kelly Winfrey Associate Professor [GSJC]
Brenda Witherspoon Teaching Professor

Schedule an appointment using “Navigate”

You are now able to schedule your appointments online using “Navigate Student”

We highly recommend that if you have a cell phone that you download the “Navigate Student” to your phone for easier scheduling and a variety of other great features for student success.

Appointments are scheduled through the Navigate Student portal. You can access this by:

  • Downloading the Navigate App to your smart phone ( Apple | Android )
  • Going to Access Plus (Student tab, Navigate Student link) or
  • Going to The first time you log into Navigate Student, you will need to complete a 2-question survey.

This new system will allow you to choose the day, time and reason for your advising meeting, and the system allows you to include more detailed information regarding the purpose of your appointment. When you schedule your appointment, you also have the option to request an email reminder so you will never miss an advising appointment.

Please note: The system will not allow you to book appointments during time slots you have class.

You can also schedule appointments through this link:  or in AccessPlus:

  1. Log into AccessPlus;
  2. Click on the red “Student” tab;
  3. Locate “Navigate Student” from the listing in the menu on the left-hand side;
  4. Read the message on the screen and click “Continue”;
  5. From there, please use the weekly appointment calendar directly above the “Request Appointment” button and find an available appointment time.