Faculty Passes Resolution Establishing “Eric Abbott Days”


Eric Abbott
Eric Abbott, Professor

At the final Greenlee School faculty meeting of the fall 2015 semester, the faculty passed the following resolution:


**Whereas** Dr. Eric Abbott has been a faculty member here for more than four decades and, prior to that, an alumnus of the program in science journalism;

**Whereas** Dr. Abbott followed in his father Lyle’s and Uncle H. Lee Schwanz’s footsteps as editor of the Iowa State Daily, dedicating his student as well as faculty career to journalism and mass communication;

**Whereas** Dr. Abbott has traveled around the globe, often in tumultuous territory, as a 1981 letter from him suggests—“Hello from Guatemala, home of luxurious hotels and army specialists with sub-machine guns at every portal”—presenting his research to trainers, farmers and heads of business and state;

**Whereas** Dr. Abbott’s articles in Journal of Communication, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly and Newspaper Research Journal have informed scholars and his research reports have guided the World Bank and the U.S. Agency for International Development;

**Whereas** Dr. Abbott has won numerous international service, advising and top paper awards for his work, advising undergraduate and graduate students in at least four Iowa State colleges;

**Whereas** Dr. Abbott has influenced generations of world leaders, educators and students on topics ranging from fire prevention and energy communication to agriculture and women in development and farming;

**Whereas** Dr. Abbott has advised generations of faculty members regarding Promotion and Tenure and graduate students regarding theses and dissertations, earning our collective admiration, respect and love;

**THEREFORE WE, THE FACULTY AND STAFF**, on this 4th day of December, 2015, hereby resolve to name the final weeks of this current Fall semester, “Eric Abbott Days,” celebrating his contributions and inviting Iowa State employees, benefactors and friends to convey heart-felt regards in person or via telephone, social media and [email](mailto:eabbott@iastate.edu).

We, the faculty and staff of the Greenlee School, wish Dr. Abbott and his family all the best in his retirement!