Dare to Speak, Dare to Listen: Political Compass Test

Take the three-step test!

Fitting into the theme “Dare to Speak, Dare to Listen”, Olivia Petsche and Ryan Hurley worked together to utilize the popular The Political Compass test to create a visual of ISU students’ political alignments. Through this project, Petsche and Hurley hope to convey that although we live in a politically diverse climate, we are more alike than what the media portrays and the differences we do have should be celebrated.

Note: When taking this test it will work best on a computer/laptop device. 

Political Compass Map Example

Step 1:

Please take the Political Compass Test

Step 2:

When completing the test, type your results in the campus-wide, crowd-chart map to see where you and your peers land.

Step 3:

Finally, copy the URL from the crowd-chart map into our Google Form in order to add yourself to the map.


Olivia Petsche
Olivia Petsche

Olivia Petsche is a piano performance major, English minor and honors student at Iowa State University. This is her first year working with Greenlee’s First Amendment Days.



Ryan Hurley
Ryan Hurley

Ryan Hurley is a passionate advocate of free speech, when not in the First Amendment Committee meetings he is active in various endeavors such as interning at the Arc of Story County, working on privacy laws related to big tech, and working to obtain a great career.