Natalie Shimp


Dept:JL MC
613 Wallace Rd
Ames IA

Education: Communication studies, Luther College, 2019


My name is Natalie Shimp, and I am a graduate student at the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication. I have a degree in communication studies with a minor in linguistics from Luther College. After graduation, I spent two years working in the craft beer industry, which instilled a high degree of work ethic and service that I am exceptionally grateful for. My time in undergrad and the industry reaffirmed my desire to serve the community respectfully and civilly. Professionally, I aspire to remain in academia as a way of continually co-constructing environments where all may have access to academic-based opportunities and resources to pursue personal endeavors. Outside of a professional setting, you may find me drinking black coffee, excessively talking about my two dogs, or how thankful I am to have three amazing siblings. Be well!


Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

Research/Professional Areas of Interest: Health Communication, communication and policy within higher education

Hobbies: Running, spending time with my two dogs, camping, and watching true crime documentaries.

#WhyGreenlee: I chose Greenlee due to a faculty member’s sincere recommendation to continue to pursue my education outside of my undergrad. Academic rigor, student engagement, and supportive faculty are all part of what make Greenlee the auspicious program I hope to grow within while at Iowa State.