Nayelie Valenzuela


Dept:JL MC

Education: B.S., Public Relations, Iowa State University, 2019


I am an undergraduate alumna from Iowa State University from Sioux City, Iowa. I graduated in the fall of 2019. Since then, I took a break due to the severity of COVID-19 at that time. When things started to look manageable, I was invited to look into pursuing my master’s degree in journalism. That’s how I found myself becoming a Greenlee graduate student! My interests lie a lot into understanding how social media platforms can have an influence on how news media is distributed and how it can impact different cultures and societies.


Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa

Research/Professional Areas of Interest: Social media, data journalism, news.

Office Hours and Course numbers: MW 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. for JL MC 101, ADVRT 230 and JL MC 477XW at 004 Hamilton Hall

Hobbies: Making coffee, reading literature, and learning new skills.

#WhyGreenlee: Greenlee has become my home away from home. Even as an undergraduate student, Greenlee has always provided me with the support and encouragement to pursue my passions. In addition to the support, I can connect with the faculty and staff of Greenlee and found that a lot of us share similar research/professional interests. I’m excited to continue working with them during my academic career.