Scripps Howard Foundation Internship Grant

Greenlee juniors, seniors or recent graduates who are completing a summer internship are eligible to apply for the Scripps Howard Foundation Internship Grant. The Greenlee School will be awarding one grant worth $3,000 with a $500 follow-up scholarship after successful completion of the internship.


  • Students must be offered an unpaid or paid internship prior to application.
  • Internship must be a journalism-based experience. Students completing internships in public relations, advertising or strategic communications are NOT eligible for the Scripps Howard Internship Grant.
  • Internship placement must be in a multimedia position, or as a news producer, or in an environment that offers sales, entrepreneurial, social media or digital communications experience.
  • Summer internships only.
  • Greenlee juniors, seniors or recent graduates.
  • Internships must be a minimum of 10 weeks for a minimum of 35 hours per week.
  • Students cannot be participating in any other internship grant program(s).

Application materials:

  • The application period is now closed.

Interested in applying?

Contact Juli Probasco-Sowers, Internship Coordinator.

The application period is now closed.