Wiegand Serving as Intertribal Staff Chair on American Indian Faculty and Staff Council; Will Present at ISCORE

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Academic Adviser [Jason Wiegand]() has some exciting news. The American Indian Faculty and Staff Council has been approved and included in the Faculty and Staff Diversity Network. Wiegand is serving as Intertribal Staff Chair. Sebastian Braun, director of the American Indian Studies program, is Intertribal Faculty Chair.

Wiegand also has two ISCORE proposal acceptances, “Creating and Publicizing a Diversity Plan” (with Michael Bugeja, Raluca Cozma and Tracy Lucht), and “Inclusive and Uncommon Leadership: Subverting a Perfectly Acceptable Student Ambassador Program.” The ISCORE conference on race and ethnicity is slated Thursday, March 3, from 1 – 4:30 p.m. in the Sun Room, Memorial Union. The conference is sponsored this year by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.