2015 Greenlee Glimpse Reaches Printer, Wettengel Reports FAD Committee Update

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Media Specialist Matt Wettengel reports that 2015 Greenlee Glimpse is now at the printer! This year’s cover story focuses on Greenlee alumni and students covering the 2016 Iowa caucuses and explores the many forms that political coverage took as outlets embrace new digital platforms. “I’d like to give a special thanks to Deb Gibson for her continued mentorship, for incorporating Glimpse content into her feature writing class’s curriculum,” Wettengel writes. He also thanked Program Coordinator Alyssa Rutt, who assisted in content development and “keeping me sane throughout the process, and to everyone else who has been patient with me as I have worked to complete this year’s magazine.”

The First Amendment Committee also secured funding for this year’s First Amendment Day celebration from The Charles Koch Foundation. The committee is now in full-fledged planning mode for the event, scheduled for Thursday, April 21, and is working to make this year’s celebration as informative and entertaining as possible.