Greenlee School Scholarships Rise 22% to $210,000


A recent spate of donations in early 2016 has raised scholarship awards by 22 percent from the same time last year, Director Michael Bugeja announced. The school had figured on awarding $160,000 this semester, or $12,000 less than 2015; now it plans to give more than $210,000 to incoming and current students.

“The news today was better than anticipated,” Bugeja said.

Bugeja thanked alumni, private and corporate donors for end-of-year contributions reported this week by the ISU Foundation.

“A majority of our students have part-time jobs to make ends meet,” Bugeja said. “We respect their work ethic. However, scholarship support not only ensures lower debt but also increased time to study. Several students now will be able to take internship assignments around the globe.”

Greenlee scholarship applications are now closed. Internship scholarship applications will remain open until other scholarships have been decided and employment commitments offered to students planning to take their required 400-hour capstone internship.

The school also receives Scripps Howard Foundation internships and Meredith Apprenticeships. (That support is not included in the totals below.)

Approximately $30,000 are earmarked for incoming students, $30,000 for current students on required internships and $150,000 for continuing students.

All students must be full-time, first majors at the Greenlee School.

The school received 148 current student applications and 43 incoming student applications. The Undergraduate Committee will be reviewing scholarships over the next two weeks. Funds will not be distributed to students until credentials are checked to ensure that awards meet compliance standards and are reviewed by Financial Aid.

Scholarship notices will be sent out via email around April 1.

Bugeja noted that the $210,000 in scholarship funds awarded from the school are in addition to the $1 million plus in scholarships, grants and other aid given to Greenlee majors by the college and university.