Greenlee Study Abroad Course Reports from Italy


Jared Gorton and Jessica Darland check their images during a night photography session on the streets of Urbino. Photo by Dennis Chamberlin
Associate Professor Dennis Chamberlin reports that the 15 students participating in the Greenlee Study Abroad program in Urbino, Italy, are settled in and consider Urbino their new home. (While on an exhausting four-day visit to Florence with an art history professor a few students asked when they would be going “home” to Urbino.) In addition to having three days of art lessons, while standing in front of the original art, the group also had the opportunity to see Michelangelo’s David without a crowd of tourists. (Our group, a guard and five other visitors were the only people in the room.)

After the students received a 670-page course pack this week for their Political Thought course, Chamberlin heard students say that they didn’t realize there would be so much work on this study abroad course. That was also before they learned that the slight drizzle wasn’t grounds for canceling the night photography tutorial on the streets of Urbino. We’ll be making t-shirts that say: Greenlee Puts the Study back into Study Abroad!