Wald Reports Published Work; Teaching, Service Updates

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Assistant Professor Dara Wald reports the following:


  • Her second-authored manuscript, “Network governance for large-scale natural resource conservation and the challenge of capture,” was published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (IF 8.41).The manuscript was co-authored with Patrick Bixler (Texas A&M), Laura Ogden (Dartmouth College), Kirsten Leong (National Park Service), Erik Johnston (Arizona State University) and Michele Romolini (Loyola Marymount University).
  • Dara was also invited to join the Citizen Science Association Research and Evaluation Working Group.


  • Dara and Honors student Amber Misek were awarded a First-Year Honors Mentor Program Grant to explore the effectiveness of empathy- and fear-arousing environmental messages.
  • Dara gave a guest lecture on public participation in natural resource management in CRP 484: Sustainable Communities.


  • Dara reviewed manuscripts for Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, International Zoo Yearbook, and for the ComSHER division in AEJMC