Pritchard Reports AEJMC Updates, Paper Acceptances

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Assistant Professor Andrew Pritchard and honors undergraduate Elaina Conrad received third place overall and the first-place “debut faculty” honor from AEJMC’s Law and Policy Division for their paper, “Not the Publisher, Still the Proprietor: Bypassing a Website’s Immunity Under Section 230 in Sex Trafficking Cases.”

Pritchard and recent M.A. graduate Sisi Hu were invited to present their paper “Just a Phone Call (or Facebook Post) Away: Parents’ Influence at a Distance on Emerging Adults’ Religious Connections” in the Religion and Media Interest Group. They have a second paper still under review in the Mass Communication and Society Division.

Pritchard also received first place in the Law and Policy Division’s teaching ideas competition for his assignment “Philosophers, Films, and the First Amendment” and was invited to appear on a panel about teaching techniques.