Wald Reports Manuscript, Article Publications

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Assistant Professor Dara Wald’s first-authored manuscript comparing risk perceptions and tolerance for invasive species in Florida and Hawaii was accepted for publication in Conservation Biology, a top journal in the conservation field with a wide range of readers interested in sustainability challenges (4.16 Impact Factor). Another article, “Discovering News Frames: An Approach for Exploring Text, Content, and Concepts in Online News Sources,” co-authored with L. Cheeks, T.L. Stephian, and A. Gaffar of Arizona State University, was accepted for publication in the International Journal of Multimedia Data Engineering and Management. Wald also reports that an earlier version of this manuscript was presented by collaborator and computer science student Loretta Cheeks (ASU) at the IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration and will be included in the conference proceedings published by IEEE Computer Society Press.

In addition, Wald presented two papers at major conferences this summer. The first paper, presented at the ISU Summer Symposium on Science Communication, explores the influence of power and perspective-taking on collaborative decision-making and is co-authored by E. Johnston, A. Vinze, E. Segal, and E. Wellman of Arizona State University. The second paper, “Public Perceptions of and Preferences for Elite Group Influence on Climate Change Policy,” was presented at the 2016 North American Congress on Conservation Biology and is co-authored by L. Williams of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Wald submitted a Letter of Intent to the Henry Luce Foundation (with Greenlee’s Michael Dahlstrom and Daniela Dimitrova and Kimberly Moss from the College of Design). Wald was also listed as senior personnel and a collaborator on two collaborative grant proposals submitted to the National Science Foundation (under review).

An article written in JLMC 347: Science Communication by Kelsey Faivre, a senior in agriculture and life science education, was accepted for publication in FeedStuffs magazine. The article, “GMOs Symbolize Broader Concerns” was published on the front page of the September issue (9). Two additional articles by Kelsey and Megan Gilbert, a junior in Greenlee, were published in Inside Iowa State.

Wald also reviewed a manuscript for Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly