Bidding Adieu to Jason Wiegand

CATEGORIES: Faculty & Staff

It’s always bittersweet when a valued employee departs for a new opportunity. We’re sad to see the person go but happy for the new adventure.

Such will be the case later this month when Academic Adviser Jason Wiegand departs for the University of Iowa, where he will become Associate Director for Diversity and Inclusion within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

In a farewell email to Greenlee students, he wrote, “I was completely unprepared to resign from a job that I love so much. As I have shared with colleagues I deeply admire everyone here at ISU, and it feels wrong to even call what I do a job.

“Advising and recruiting students at the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication is now a part of my identity.”

He said he took the new position because of his commitment to help marginalized and underrepresented students. His hope is to build relationships there will be as strong as they have been here.

“Jason will not only succeed in his new position, but thrive and help generations of advisees,” said Michael Bugeja, director. “My own bittersweet experience was being a reference for Jason so that he could advance in his career, which has been spectacular.”

In his last installment for Good News from Greenlee, Wiegand reported the following:

  • In partnership with All-Star Greenlee Ambassador Meredith Kestel, we hosted a community of six visiting high-school counselors from Nebraska (the Omaha metro area). Earlier in the month, we also hosted a group of new ISU admissions counselors. On each occasion, we presented regarding the Greenlee School culture and showcased professional development opportunities and majors available to our students.

    Concerning NACADA’s Annual Conference in Atlanta, Wiegand wrote:

  • As Chair of the Native American and Tribal Colleges interest group for NACADA, I facilitated another successful (and emotional) fair and business meeting. Educators from seven different states, two countries, and several different tribes, clans, and nations came together to share resources and discuss what drives us to serve indigenous students and communities.

  • I accepted an Outstanding New Adviser Award.
  • I received an award and recognition for graduating from the NACADA Emerging Leaders Program Wiegand’s final day at ISU is Friday, Oct. 28. His replacement is expected to be named sometime next month.