Lucht’s Lecture to Appear on C-SPAN 3

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October has been a busy month for Assistant Professor Tracy Lucht. She just returned from the American Journalism Historians Association national convention as a member of the Board of Directors and chair of the panels competition.

But here’s the big news: On Oct. 20, C-SPAN is coming to campus to record her JLMC 461 History lecture titled, “Stunt Reporters and Sob Sisters: American Women Journalists of the Late Nineteenth Century.” The program will be broadcast as part of C-SPAN 3’s “Lectures in American History” series. Watch the Greenlee website for details on when the segment will air.

Also this month, Lucht will begin serving on the LAS Strategic Plan subcommittee that will evaluate the role of the college in supporting its majors.

In research, her article “’Television’s Closet Revolutionary’: Mary Jane Odell and Her Fight for Public Affairs Programming" (co-authored with former master’s student Chunyu Zhang) is scheduled to appear in the next issue of American Journalism.