Newell to Present at American Academy of Advertising

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Associate Professor Jay Newell will present results from the “Computational Communication: Ad Creative” course at the American Academy of Advertising’s 2017 conference. “Pak Tavanapong, Sherry Berghefer and I are heading into the third offering of this course, and it’s still the only one in the country where student teams create ads that change dynamically based on incoming data streams.”

Newell’s Ad Principles course continues to host weekly “Wake Up Calls” with Greenlee alumni. These Skypes can be the foundation upon which Greenlee students build their professional networks. Recent callers include designer Liv Hunt (now at HyVee hq in West Des Moines) and copywriter Nick Hammack (Deustch Advertising, Los Angeles, where his clients include Sprint and Target).

In service, Newell reviewed a tenure case from a Big 10 strategic communication program, and also a submission to the Journal of Advertising Education. “And our Advrt 335, Media Planning, continues to work with the Des Moines Register,” he notes, “collecting Iowa advertising spending data for the 2016 presidential election.” Initial findings suggest that spending is many millions of dollars below both the 2012 and 2008 campaigns.