Bugeja reports recent appearances, publications

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Professor Michael Bugeja spoke about the difference between “media” and “journalism” with WHO anchor and Greenlee alumnus Dan Winters. The segment enjoyed 9,500 views on Facebook. Bugeja’s essay titled “The Fuss” about trigger warnings and microaggressions appeared in Inside Higher Ed and enjoyed more than 150 shares on social media. The Department Chair journal accepted a manuscript titled “A Question of Degree” concerning colleges and universities claiming to have degrees in mass communication when they only have “majors.” Majors appear on transcripts; disciplines appear on “degrees.” The Greenlee School has degrees in Advertising, Journalism and Mass Communication, and Public Relations. Bugeja is finishing his first draft of his third book—"Interpersonal Divide in the Age of the Machine" (about analytics and artificial intelligence) for Oxford University Press. The draft is due at Oxford before Thanksgiving.