Wald reports paper acceptances, publications

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Assistant Professor Dara Wald had a paper accepted for the 2017 Conference on Communication and Environment (COCE) on “Post-Trust, Not Post-Fact: The Role of Source Credibility in Communication about Climate Change and GMOs” co-authored with K. Hunt (ISU, AGEDS). Another paper, “Discovering News Frames: An Approach for Exploring Text, Content, and Concepts in Online News Sources,” co-authored with L. Cheeks, T.L. Stephian, and A. Gaffar of Arizona State University, was published in the International Journal of Multimedia Data Engineering and Management.

Wald is a collaborator on a new grant proposal submitted to the National Science Foundation MRI program by the Chemical Instrumentation Facility at ISU. In addition, she submitted a new proposal to the LAS Seed Grants for Social Sciences program entitled “Understanding the role of misperceptions and source credibility in affecting sustainable behavior.” Wald will serve as a panelist at an upcoming ISU workshop on “Women in Science: Challenges and Opportunities.”