Bugeja shares publication, service updates


Professor [Michael Bugeja](/directory/michael-bugeja/) was asked to share his assessment strategies for a research report being prepared by Education Advisory Board, serving 1,100 education institution on best practices. The EAB expressed interest in Greenlee’s [assessment](), [public accountability](/about/greenlee-facts/) and [diversity](/about/diversity/) pages. Bugeja is updating the fourth edition of How-To News Writer for the Iowa Newspaper Foundation. Bugeja shares royalties with the INA. His royalties and other donations are deposited in the Bugeja Media Ethics Fund, which has surpassed $51,000.

Bugeja visited the Greenlee sister school at the University of Iowa on April 7 to give two presentations on diversity—one on devising an proactive public plan and website and another on being sensitive to microaggressions and other multicultural issues in the classroom. University News Service did a release on his latest book forthcoming book from Oxford University Press: Interpersonal Divide in the Age of the Machine. He will appear on Thursday on WHO-tv about his research. Science Daily picked up the ISU news release, and IPR’s “River to River” also has expressed interest.

He placed an article (to be published this week) on the faculty awards process in Inside Higher Ed. Bugeja also blogs for the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication. His latest post is titled “Servant Leadership: Making unpopular decisions.” Bugeja also is reading accreditation reports in preparation for the Accrediting Council meeting in Chicago later this month. He represents the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.