Munger Oakes wraps up first Depth Report class


Lecturer [Lisa Munger Oakes](/)’ Depth Report class is wrapping up work on “Wasted Away: The Cultural of Alcohol at Iowa State.” The class has spent several months researching and reporting stories about alcoholism, binge drinking, drinking culture at ISU. The work will be unveiled during Finals Week and linked to the Iowa State Daily website. The class is the first of its kind at Greenlee, comprised of some of our most top notch journalism students. The work will feature multimedia components and use of data in its storytelling.

Munger Oakes, who mentors the Journalism Learning Community, writes that the group wrapped up another successful year with an outing to the Escape Chamber in Des Moines. Emily Barske, the editor in chief of the Iowa State Daily newspaper, will continue to serve as the peer mentor for the group in the 2017-2018 term. Barske and Munger Oakes were recognized for their leadership of the group by the ISU Learning Community coordinator last month.