Spring 2020 COVID-19 updates for Greenlee students

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Greenlee COVID-19 Internship Policy for Spring/Summer 2020

APril 23, 2020 update: The Greenlee School required internship (499A) is more than a course—it is an experience that prepares you to be more competitive for securing your next position in media and communication. Yet we understand COVID-19 has created a unique situation with regard to securing and completing internships, and we are committed to working with students to help them continue making progress toward graduation.

For students who (a) are or were working in their approved internship during the spring or summer semesters of 2020 or (b) are planning to graduate in spring, summer or fall 2020 or spring 2021, we are offering several options. Students should consult with their advisers as they consider what is best for their situation.

See the complete Greenlee COVID-19 Internship Policy for Spring/Summer 2020.


PIE Update

Due to the extension of remote learning at Iowa State University, the Poynter Institute Exam (PIE) will be offered online for the rest of the spring 2020 semester. Students will no longer come into Hamilton Hall on the designated testing days. Instead, students will take the PIE through the Poynter Institute website on their own time from any computer with Internet access. Students will have until 4 p.m. CDT Friday, May 1, 2020, to use their 5 attempts at the test. Passing requires a score of at least 78% (117 questions right out of 150).

Students who have already taken the exam will have those attempts count toward their total. For example, if a student already took the exam twice in person for spring 2020, they would have three more attempts to complete online.

Please find the directions for the online PIE on the Greenlee website. If you have any questions, please email Kelsie Poe at kpoe@iastate.edu.


March 23 update from interim director Michael Dahlstrom:

The Greenlee School welcomes you back (virtually) from spring break.

COVID-19 continues to impact our community in new ways. We want to emphasize this helpful and frequently updated guide for students detailing how Iowa State is adjusting: https://web.iastate.edu/safety/updates/covid19/studentfaq

We also wanted to keep you updated on what to expect moving forward specifically within the Greenlee School.

Greenlee Classes

Iowa State will move all classes online beginning March 23 through the end of the semester. Your individual instructors will be your point of contact for details about your classes, assignments and exams.

Equipment checkout (cameras, microphones, etc.) and open labs will be closed during our period of online instruction. Your instructors have been notified and will be offering alternative assignments as necessary.

Adobe is making temporary at-home access to Creative Cloud available until May 31. Instructions are here: https://iastate.service-now.com/it?id=kb_article_view&sys_kb_id=c1ca421b1bab88149cedeac8ec4bcb33

We also have an option to use your personal computer to remotely log into one of our lab computers to access additional software resources. Your instructor will provide the necessary instructions if this pertains to your course.

Academic and faculty advising

Your academic or faculty adviser remains your point of contact for advising related questions.

Here is a helpful FAQ page for updates about university registration due to COVID-19: https://www.registrar.iastate.edu/covid-19-faqs

Registration for Summer and Fall 2020 classes has been adjusted to allow additional time for students to connect with their academic advisers. Registration start dates are now as follows:

  • April 2: College of Veterinary Medicine and Graduate College
  • April 3: Graduate College
  • April 6-14: Seniors
  • April 15-20: Juniors
  • April 21-23: Sophomores
  • April 24: Freshmen

The Drop Date for Spring 2020 has been extended to April 3.

Iowa State is passing a new policy to allows students in any undergraduate course that was changed to virtual instruction as a result of COVID-19 to take the course as Pass/Not Pass and still have it count towards curricular, major, academic progress, and graduation requirements (https://www.provost.iastate.edu/academic-programs/pass-not-pass-option-for-courses-impacted-by-the-transition-to-virtual-instruction). More details will be coming soon, and contact your adviser if you have questions.

Greenlee Offices

As part of the university’s efforts to support social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Greenlee School’s main office and IT support offices are now physically closed until further notice.

We’re still here for you though. The university remains open for business, and our faculty and staff are working remotely.

To reach the main office during business hours (M-F: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), contact 515-294-4342 or greenlee@iastate.edu.

If you have IT support questions, contact gsjcit@iastate.edu.

To reach Greenlee faculty or staff, see our online directory.

Welcome back again, everyone. We wish you a productive remainder of the semester and will keep you updated when there are more announcements to share.