My adventure as a corporate public relations intern

Hannah Fuller, recent graduate in public relations, reflects on her time in the Greenlee School at Iowa State.

Name: Hannah Fuller

Year: 2020

Major: public relations

Hometown: West Des Moines

What was your favorite experience at Greenlee?

I loved my time at Greenlee. I met a lot of great people, many with whom I am still connected. The professors and advisers were very helpful and easy to talk to.

One of my favorite experiences was the public relations campaign class. I enjoyed working with my group and partnering with Thielen Women Health Services. Also, shout out to my teacher, Professor Wilgenbusch for being an awesome teacher!

What was your 499A internship?

I had a great opportunity to work for Pella Corporation as the public relations intern. I was in charge of coming up with a crisis communications app that all employees could access, revamping different social media outlets and traveling to Chicago for the NeoCon convention, working for the Pella Corporation press room. I learned the importance of forming relationships with other employees and not to be afraid to ask questions. I learned a lot about myself and worked through challenges. One of my favorite experiences was teaming up with fellow interns and competing in an amazing race, Pella edition, against other intern teams. Overall, I am thankful for the opportunity and am excited to see what’s next in my future!

What student clubs and organizations did you participate in at Iowa State? What were your roles within those organizations and what did you like about them?

During my time at Iowa State, I was involved in the sorority and fraternity community as a member of Chi Omega. I was involved in many committees over the years such as the Alumnae Relations committee and sister support team that helped new members adjust to college life and the Community Service Chair during my junior year. I was also involved in Dance Marathon for three years, working on the sponsorship and dancer relations committees. My favorite part of being involved in these clubs was being surrounded by amazing people while participating in something we all love! These experiences helped me enhance my communication skills and challenged me to grow as a person

Do you have any advice for other Greenlee students on finding that required internship for 499A?

When finding the required internship for 499A, I’d recommend using your connections and not to be afraid to reach out to people. I met up with people over coffee and asked for advice, etc. There are a lot of people who are willing to help you and want you to succeed!

What are your career aspirations? And how did your internship experiences help?

I actually found what I wanted to do after my internship experience. With the help of my manager and mentors at my internship, I decided that I wanted to work for an agency. I am excited for that fast pace and challenging environment.

Hannah Fuller, recent graduate in public relations, studied abroad in Florence, Italy in spring 2019.

What was your study abroad experience like?

I had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy, in spring 2019. The majority of my classes were about Florence and its history which included a cooking class! I also took media ethics there, and it was interesting to get an international perspective. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the culture and the beauty of Florence.

What advice do you have for new students?

Join clubs you are passionate about and take chances that will help you develop the necessary skills to help you succeed in life! Enjoy your four years of college!

Interview by Olivia Benjamin; edited for length and clarity