Hugh S. Sidey Scholarship in Print Journalism

Hugh S. Sidey Scholarship in Print Journalism

The Hugh S. Sidey Scholarship at the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication was established in 2006 at Iowa State University, Mr. Sidey’s alma mater, by the White House Historical Association and Mr. David M. Rubenstein. To keep alive Hugh Sidey’s legacy of reporting on the presidency, the scholarship supports students at the Greenlee School. Undergraduate students who exhibit extraordinary understanding of the responsibilities of covering the chief executive and the core principle of social responsibility that resides with journalists will be identified for this award. The scholarship is in the amount of $5,000. Recipients also receive an expenses-paid trip to the nation’s capital.

 Past winners of the Hugh Sidey scholarship and winning essays

Application instructions and guidelines

Hugh S. Sidey, Photo courtesy of the White House Historical Association
  • Applicants must be Greenlee School majors (must have successfully completed JL MC 201) who at the time of submission plan to spend at least one additional full semester at ISU before graduation.
  • Applicants must submit a 500-800 word news story on politics (legislative, executive or judicial) with a local angle either published or publishable in campus or professional publications such as Iowa State Daily, GSTV, ETHOS, etc.
  • Applicants must submit a 500-800 word essay on the challenges, principles and importance of reporting on the modern presidency. Essay should address the responsibilities of a journalist in covering the executive branch and the principal of social responsibility. Essays should also address Hugh Sidey’s belief that the U.S. presidency remains “the most sought-after, analyzed and scrutinized political office man has devised.” You are strongly encouraged to research Sidey’s work before writing your essay.
  • Do not include your name anywhere in your essay or your news story, but do title your essay and slug your news story at the top of each page. Include a cover sheet with your materials that includes your name, title of your essay, Ames address, cell phone number and email.
  • Email your completed materials and cover sheet to the Greenlee School.
  • The 2019 application period opens in conjunction with the regular scholarship application process. Essays are due on Dec. 1, 2019 at 5 p.m. The recipient will be announced in Dec. 2019.

The Hugh S. Sidey Scholarship is made possible through the generosity of Mr. David M. Rubenstein and the White House Historical Association. The winner will be asked to sign an agreement allowing the publication of the winning essay on the WHHA website, or in other WHHA publications. The winner will provide both the Greenlee School and the WHHA regular updates (at least annually) on his or her career progress, along with permission to publish those updates in print or online as appropriate.