Tips on Attending an Internship or Career Fair

CATEGORIES: Student Perspective

As I walked into the [Jump Start Internship & Networking Fair](/) I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Being an apparel merchandising and public relations major focusing in fashion I haven’t really ventured to a career fair. Most often the companies there aren’t companies I would really be interested in.

But, as a junior in the search of my first PR internship I decided to wander into the MU, resumes in hand and professionally dressed.

Most of my time in the internship fair consisted of me just observing people. Since I’ve never had to perform an elevator speech it was nice hearing how other students did theirs.

After attending my first career fair here are a few tips that I learned:

  • Bring an updated resume. Make sure your resume is up to date with your most recent positions and information.
  • If you have business cards utilize them. Handing over a resume and business card makes you look like you have your life together, to be honest. Sadly, I had just ordered new business cards, but they arrived at my apartment building after I came back from the internship fair. Go figure.
  • Prepare yourself to talk. Have an idea of how you want to introduce yourself. Think of main involvements you are in and how you can relate it back to the company you are speaking with.
  • Come with questions. Coming prepared with questions makes you seem interested in their company and job or internship. There is nothing worse then giving a blank stare when they ask if you have any questions.

Those are a few quick tips on how to survive a career or internship fair. Attending my first career fair gave me some good insight into how I should prepare not only for next time, but also for job interviews.

Researching into a company you are interested in is key. You can impress the people you are speaking with if you show an effort to get to know what they do.

Also, come prepared. When attending a career fair you should be dressed professionally, have your resume, and come with any other materials that may be applicable. Although I didn’t see anyone in the fair who was poorly dressed you don’t want to be the one person who does!