Communicating for The Island School

CATEGORIES: Student Perspective

My first week as an intern included trips to the ocean and several shark sightings.

As a communications intern at The Island School, a non-profit education and research center on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera, I work with a small team to deliver intriguing and informative content about marine research that is done through the institute.

In sharing scientific information, visuals are essential. Therefore, with my camera, a notepad and sunscreen in hand, I will spend many days in the field and around sea life, documenting the research and education practices implemented by this organization.

I will work alongside teams that specialize in turtle, shark, reef ecology, stingray and aquaponics research to learn about and capture their research techniques and discoveries to share them with the general public and the scientific community.

The Island School aims to connect people with the environment and to promote a lifestyle of living better in a place through sustainability and knowledge. Through educational programs, a summer term or a semester, high school students can apply to the Island School and learn about sustainability, while also gaining research experience.

In the past week, I have been following a group of students who are about to embark on a 19 day sailing expedition to the Exumas, a small chain of Bahamian islands, as they learn their way around the vessel.

As more students arrive on campus, I look forward to engaging with them and sharing their experiences through the Island School’s blog and social media pages.