Greenlee master’s students share research findings at graduate student mini-conference

Kimberly Nelson, Bakhyt Toptayeva, Daniela Dimitrova, Su-Yeon Cho and Carlos Back attended the Graduate Student Mini-Conference at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Greenlee graduate students were invited to participate in the Big Ten Mini-Conference held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, April 13-14. The conference focused on media-related topics and offered graduate students the opportunity to share their thesis research with those who attended.

Four Greenlee graduate students were selected to present their research at the conference. Carlos Back and Su-Yeon Cho shared their research findings during a panel on social media and digital subcultures.

“The conference was important because it gave me the opportunity to see what other graduate students are working on,” Back said.

Su-Yeon Cho added that the conference was a good experience also because of the opportunity to meet other graduate students from the Midwest and create a network.

Kimberly Nelson was part of the emerging global issues panel while Bakhyt Toptayeva presented in a session about bias, trust and opportunity in political communication.

“It was very rewarding to see that the research Greenlee graduate students produce is on par with the research coming out of top Ph.D. programs across the Midwest. I was proud to take our master’s students to Madison and showcase the diverse and innovative projects they are working on,” Daniela Dimitrova, the Greenlee School’s Director of Graduate Education, said.

Participating universities included Iowa State University, University of Iowa, Rutgers University, University of Minnesota, Indiana University, Penn State University and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.