Graduating Student Spotlight: Malik Newson

environmental portrait of Malik outside of Hamilton
Malik Newson will begin the Greenlee School's graduate program in the fall.

Name: Malik Newson

Major: journalism and mass communication

Minor(s): political science and world film studies

Hometown: Peoria, Illinois

What have you been involved in within Greenlee?

I’ve been a Greenlee Ambassador, so I give tours to the students who want to come to the Greenlee School. I’ve been on the public relations team for Sir magazine. I worked with the Daily, as well, as a reporter, and I’ve also done guest columns for them over the years. For ISUtv, I’ve been a producer, associate producer, anchor, reporter—pretty much anything that they needed.

What have you been involved with outside of Greenlee?

I’m in a fraternity, Alpha Kappa Lambda, and I am the PR chair and have helped with summer recruitment. I’m a Cyclone Life blogger, so I do blogging for the Office of Admissions. I’m also a member and occasional videographer for Black Student Alliance. At one point, I went to Gymnastics Club meetings, but that does not count for anything. I was trying to learn how to do a backflip. I’m also involved in the Iowa State Improv Comedy Club and the Stand-Up Comedy Club.

How do you think Greenlee has prepared you for post-grad life?

The biggest thing it really showcased, it showed me what journalism could actually be. For a while, everyone just thinks of journalism as just writing and simply asking questions and the bare bones of it, but there’s a lot more that goes into being a journalist, conveying a message, how you’re able to tell a story while still portraying the information to someone. It’s taught me how to do that.

What has been your favorite Greenlee class?

This is hard because there’s been a lot of good classes here. But, if I could pick two I would say JL MC 462, which is Media Ethics, Freedom and Responsibility, with Dr. Bugeja. I enjoyed being in that class and it prepared me a lot. Also, JL MC 307 (Digital Video Production) with Jeff Ames because that was my first experience working with video.

Where did you complete your internship?

For my 499 credit, I completed my internship at Cumulus Media in Urbandale as a promotions and marketing intern, and I’m currently the graphic design intern for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

What was the experience like at Cumulus?

Getting to work with some professionals is really good. I got to see how they operate and how they make the best of whatever the situation they’re in right now. Also, getting to be on the radio a couple of times was really cool. I was able to see the preparation that goes into working on the radio.

You’re starting a master’s program at Iowa State in the fall. What track are you pursuing?

Currently, the title I chose is journalism, but I’m going to be looking at gearing it toward broadcast or visual communications

After you complete your master’s, what are you hoping to do with your career?

I’m looking for different ways to get involved with online media companies. I’m very into surreal journalism, or I call it “in your face” journalism where you can be a little more apparent about your views.

Is that what you want to do long-term in your career, too, or do you see a switch?

I think everyone has their little side ideas of what they want to do. My goal, one day, is to make a film. I don’t care if it’s a blockbuster, I just want to make something that I’m proud to call my own.

Interview by Tara Larson; edited for length and clarity.