My adventure as a media and branding consultant for startups

Caleb Woods, graduating senior in public relations

Name: Caleb Woods

Year: graduating senior

Major: public relations

Minor: communication studies

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

What is your fondest memory/favorite experience at Greenlee?

I will always remember hanging out in my professors’ offices. Those moments have opened many doors and created even more memories, and I will truly miss each professor that made time to chat with me. Special shoutouts to Dr. Boyles, Dr. Bugeja, Professor Wilgenbusch, Professor Berghefer, Professor Bugeja and Professor Ames.

What was your 499A internship? What was your role in the organization?

I was a Sage Corp Consultant, and I consulted for two startups based in Sydney. I was a media/branding consultant for SHFTHero, a staffing solutions company, and StartSomeGood, a crowdfunding platform. While working with StartSomeGood I ran media accounts, created graphics, helped launch podcasts, created media plans, helped update the website and helped revamp branding content. While working with SHFTHero I created graphics, planned an app launch party and helped with tabling events.

What were your favorite experiences, and what were some of the biggest learning moments in your internship?

My favorite experiences were going to startup hub events, traveling with friends on the weekends, visiting the Great Barrier Reef, expanding my network and making life-long friends. When I had to learn how to communicate with different cultures via social media and how to work primarily online.

Did you have any career revelations as a result?

I learned that I love the startup community’s culture and feel. I also learned that I wanted to work remotely, and it awakened a desire to launch my own startup.

Did you have any other internships as a student? 

  • Primus Companies
    • 2017 – Social Media Intern
    • 2018 – Marketing Intern
  • StudioU
    • 2018 – Social Media Intern
  • Kingdome Community Center
    • 2020 – Branding Consultant
  • Research Lab – FHC Dr, Katherine Rafferty
    • 2020 – Branding Consultant

Do you have any advice for other Greenlee students on finding that required internship for 499A?

Take a moment to apply for an internship in an industry that you actually have an interest in pursuing. Use your network! Talk to LAS Career Services. Go big!

How did your previous Greenlee/Iowa State experiences help you prepare for your internships?

The writing and design courses I took were very beneficial during my 499 internship.

What was your time at Greenlee like?

My time at Greenlee was interesting, lively, encouraging and engaging. I am truly going to miss every moment.

What was your favorite Greenlee class?

My favorite Greenlee class was JL MC 316, which is the introduction to Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. I loved learning about these programs, and the class skills help me in my 499 internship.

What are your career aspirations? And how did your internship experiences help?

I would love to be a media/branding consultant, and I would also like to launch an app. My internship gave me the experience and insight to reach all my goals. My roles helped prepare me for e future as a media/branding consultant. Working in a startup hub helped me gain insight on the startup life. I also gained many connections.

Do you have any advice for other students?

Talk to your professors and reach out to businesses you find interesting. This type of communication can open many doors!

Interview by Olivia Benjamin