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CATEGORIES: Student Perspective

Documenting Sharks as a Science Communication Intern

Megan Gilbert, junior in journalism and mass communication Dozens of unique opportunities have been presented to me as a communications intern with a scientific research institution. Because the communications team at the Island School is responsible for sharing the important work and research that is being done on its Bahamian campus, each day is filled … Continue reading Documenting Sharks as a Science Communication Intern

CATEGORIES: Student Perspective

Interning on Island Time

Nothing will teach you time management as quickly or effectively as your first internship experience. As a communications and outreach intern at The Island School, I act as the link between what happens with students, staff and researchers on campus and the outside world. Because there is always so much happening, it is important to … Continue reading Interning on Island Time

CATEGORIES: Student Perspective

My Experience With A Restaurant Social Media Photo Shoot

Aren’t you curious to know what it takes to make your favorite restaurant’s Instagram account so brilliant and enticing? I was, and now—thanks to my internship—I know! I’m Claire Norton, and this summer I am an intern at Strauss Marketing – Public Relations in Dallas, Texas! At SMPR, we have quite a few restaurant clients, … Continue reading My Experience With A Restaurant Social Media Photo Shoot

Denisha Mixon, Science Bound communication intern

Going into college, Denisha Mixon, senior in journalism and mass communication, expected to get an internship with a newspaper or magazine. Last fall, she entered the office of Greenlee’s Internship Coordinator Juli Probasco-Sowers looking for help to achieve just that. Instead, Probasco-Sowers pointed her in a different direction — one that led her to an on-campus group that she now considers family.