Celebrating a Year of National Distinction


In terms of national awards, status and honors, the past academic year has proved to be one of the best in the Greenlee School’s history.

The school garnered over a dozen prestigious and/or competitive distinctions, described and/or updated below, including:

Michael Bugeja, Greenlee School director, praised the faculty and staff for these accolades, noting how national distinction is earned. “For every achievement of national distinction, which an individual enjoys, there has been a merit employee doing paperwork, a budget officer making ends meet, a program coordinator planning events, a media specialist facilitating social media, an internship coordinator placing students, an adviser recruiting majors, an IT specialist maintaining servers, and, lest we forget, lecturers advising 60-plus majors, and alumni and benefactors underwriting scholarships and faculty development.”

Greenlee is a world-class journalism and mass communication school because of the teamwork and collegiality that create time for scholarship, travel, award nominations and national service.

With that, we present a record level of contributions for the 2016-17 calendar year.

End of Year Report: 2015-16 cf. 2014-15

End of Year 2015-16

The Greenlee School had a record number of achievements in 2015-16, logging a total 376 individual or group contributions in research, teaching and service. This represents a 17% increase over last year’s 321 total achievements. It surpasses the 2013-14 record of 372 contributions (88 research/creative; 172 teaching/advising; 112 service). In the past academic year scholarly productivity rose by 29%, contributing to record levels. Teaching and advising contributions were down 33% from last year’s incredibly high statistic of 168. However, professional and community service rose by more than 50% due in part to the faculty’s engagement and expertise during the Iowa caucuses.